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Summer has arrived in all its sunny, fun and color filled glory, and that just makes me feel good!

You know why? Because it means vacations, time by the pool, hanging out with the kids while they burn up enough energy to break through the earth's atmosphere, and longer days with even more time to read.

Aaaaaaaah, heaven.

To celebrate, I joined with a whole slew of other authors to bring you a gazillion special book deals. So, peruse them all, heck, buy them all, if you want :)

I'll have more for you in July, but you only have until the end of June to take advantage of special pricing on these particular books!

And when you find something you love, let the author know what you thought of their work by leaving a review. I know they'll appreciate it as much as you loved reading it.

Just make sure you enjoy every word, along with every moment of this glorious summer season <3

Here are your summer book promotion links:

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Sales Event - June

Thriller, Mystery & Suspense

Summer Thrills Mystery

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