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The Great BB King

It’s a sad day for the world following the loss of the legendary BB King. Curious, isn’t it, how when someone as influential as King passes away, we suddenly want to know everything there is to know about them?

For instance, I didn’t know that Mr. King served in World War II. That he was a brave military veteran as well as an incredible artist. And did you know that “BB” came from the nickname “Blues Boy,” from back when he was making his way in Memphis, Tennessee?

Of course, everyone has heard the story of how BB first began naming his guitar’s ‘Lucille’. But here’s a fun little fact I’ll bet you didn’t know. Lucille Wellborn, one fine and feisty member of the Moms Weekend Mystery Series cast, is actually named Lucille after BB King’s famed guitar. Yep, it’s true.

The real life woman who inspired Lucille’s character named her own car Lucille because she has always been such a big fan of BB King. (We try to keep her out of burning buildings but she has a mind of her own.)

And much like the King of the Blues, Lucille can often be found singing her heart out along with the man himself.

I know she is sad today, as so many people are who loved his music and the message he brought to the world. Having been presented with honorary Doctoral degrees from six different universities, among a multitude of other awards, we must acknowledge just what an impact he has had on the history - and future - of music.

In honor of BB King, I think I’ll watch The Life of Riley tonight, make a toast and say a prayer.

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