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Join us to talk with the cast of characters from The Dells

We here at K.L. thought our readers would enjoy getting to know the colorful women of The Moms Weekend Mysteries. So we’ve decided to treat you with a series of interviews with some of K.L.’s favorite characters.

Before we start with the moms though, Butch Cameron, lead detective – and Camille Wainwright’s ever so attractive love interest – has agreed to allow us in on his casual Saturday to talk about his role in The Dells

In The Dells, you and Camille are both from Colorado. Were you born there, and what was it like growing up in that part of the country? I was born in Colorado, and lived there up until about six years ago when I moved to Prescott. I feel really fortunate to have grown up in the mountains. I hiked and fished, and spent a lot of time with my family. It’s not that different here, except that my family is eight hours away and sometimes a little too busy to pick up the phone. Was there a defining factor or incident in your life that led you to law enforcement? My grandfather was a sheriff his entire life, and my father became a Denver cop, so I guess you could say I followed in their footsteps. Neither one of them ever became a detective though. They had no desire. But I kind of always knew that’s what I wanted to do. You were called out to investigate a crime and met up with Ginger, Anca, and Crystal. What was your first thought when you met them? [Smiles] Well, when I first saw them, I have to admit, I kind of thought they were just a bunch of hysterical women. I can say that because they already know it. But as I got to know them that opinion was completely demolished. Now you’re going to ask me what I thought of Camille, right? Okay, what did you think of her? My first thought was “Wow, she’s so strong.” But peaceful too, you know? Even though she was upset at the circumstances, she just had this calming way about her. And she’s really adorable. That’s what I thought. Why do you think Barnes chose you for the role of C.C. Wainwright’s love interest in The Dells? That’s a good question, you know. Except that, I’m a good guy, and CC deserves a good guy. Besides, we just really hit it off, right from the beginning. I don’t think the story could have gone any other way. I think the author recognized that and just kind of went with it. Are you happy with the way the author has portrayed you in this book? Yeah. Yeah, I think she did a good job, and maybe made me a little smarter, a little more interesting and desirable, than I really am. So you’re humble, as well as smart, funny, brave, and a stand-up guy. Ha, ha. You make it sound like I’m perfect in the book. Perfect for Camille anyway. Which I guess I am. In The Dells, you refer to your grandfather a few times. Does he maybe have something to do with you being a solid, honorable person? Yes, definitely. He taught me respect, and that it’s important to have integrity. I think I have to question that about myself, at least to some extent, at the end. I guess the readers will have to decide for themselves, and maybe they can let me know what they think of my choices. If you have questions for Butch, or would just like to get to know him better, drop a line for him here and he’ll be there to talk.

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