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It's Almost Launch Day!

If At First You Don't Succeed, try, Try Again

~ Thomas H Palmer

I took my usual walk down to my quiet little beach yesterday morning to watch the sunrise and - hopefully - see the remarkable launch of Artemis I as she lifted off on her journey to the moon.

It was anything but a typical day.

  • The sky above the ocean was stunning, as always.

  • Dolphins played in the waves near shore.

  • Ships and fishing boats wandered the Atlantic, lights growing dim as the sun rose above the clouds.

  • People and umbrellas and tents and cameras settled into the sand while children ran in and out of the surf with total abandon.

WAIT, what?

Just Kidding. I fully expected the beach to be crowded and overflowing with bodies and noise and an atmosphere of excited anticipation. What was surprising was how relaxed and peaceful everyone was. I mean, I was practically giddy and they all acted like it was just another day! But after ninety minutes of lollygagging, two cups of coffee, sitting through a squall that had everyone soaked and sheathed in sand, we were told the mission had been scrubbed for this particular day.

NASA will try again, but the next launch window won't happen until Friday, September 2, and you know what that means?

It means DECLAN and The Author's House will be launching before Artemis!

That's right. Although (possibly) not as highly anticipated as mankind's next mission to the moon, the launch of two new novels in the Maeve Tidewell and Moms Weekend Mystery series' is still an exciting development. Starting tomorrow, August 31, they will be available to my readers for three days only on both my website and Amazon for just $6.99.

Check DECLAN Out Here

70% of human trafficking victims come from Mexico, with 50% of those being minors: FACT

More than 138 journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2010: FACT

In 2010, one former federal agent, with the help of an American photojournalist, made it his mission to rescue as many children as possible and bring them home. In the process, he nearly destroyed two of Mexico's most brutal drug cartels. FICTION

~ Or is it?

Read About the Newest Moms Weekend Here

“‘I’ll run it as a writer’s retreat’ she said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ she said,” Crystal grumbled under her breath.

And, really, except for finding a dead guy, being held hostage by a dangerous gun runner, and an irreparable tear in her favorite jeans, this mom’s weekend was turning out to be a real blast.

I truly appreciate you for being a member of my tribe and look forward to hearing from you soon <3

P.S. In addition to my new releases, I wanted to remind you that we only have until tomorrow at midnight to load up on some great free books. So be sure to visit both the August Crime Giveaway and the Hot Summer Mystery & Thriller Books pages to download your books today!

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