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Inspiring Yourself and Others to Write Their Story

So I was talking with a co-worker the other day and he asked me about my first book, Pay Attention.  I was a little shy, not wanting to make too much of my story - you know, in case I failed.   He asked me why, after doing such an admirable thing,  would I not want to tell everyone.  He was envious, you see, because he thought he would like to write a book and had dabbled with writing some things down.  I encouraged him to get busy and write his book, telling him that I think everyone has at least one book in them (which I absolutely believe.)   After thinking about these conversations for a few days I began to look back on the reasons and the motivation for writing my first book, and what finally inspired me to publish.  I wrote Pay Attention several years ago when I was a little at loose ends and thought how fun it would be to have my mom and sisters read my story.  My younger sister was so thrilled with the book, and so inspired by the fact that I had actually done it, that she started on her own path writing romance novels.   Update - As of this posting she has now signed a contract with the publisher of her choice to publish her first romance novel!  Those lucky devil's. A good friend of mine read the pre-pub version of Pay Attention and then told me that she'd had the idea for a book for a very long time that someone should write.  I asked her why she didn't just write it - And now she is.   So the point is that as I go through my own journey, writing and publishing my books, I find that others are being inspired to write their own stories and I hope they do just that.  I have been motivated by so many of my favorite authors - and people whose works I've never read, Like John Locke - that I plan to one day soon make my living doing what I love - using my imagination and writing books.   Looking back I realize that everything I have written involves dreams in some way, along with strong willed characters who aren't exactly sure what to do with them.  Well, I intend to pay attention and follow my dreams.  So I believe we all have at least one real story to tell and you should tell yours to the world. Thanks Hoppe for making me see that just by doing what I love, I can inspire others to do the same.

Alexandria Perez

Jul 30 2012 3:31 AM

I read "Pay Attention" by K.L. Barnes and it truly was engaging and inspiring. The whole story fell together like a movie in my mind and I felt as though I was really there with the characters. Pay Attention is truly a "must read".

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