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Even Murder Can't Interfere With A Good Time!

They’re smart, they’re funny, and they are one hundred percent dedicated to having a good time during the annual Moms Weekend trip. (Yes, it’s moms, plural.) Even murder can’t interfere. If you have ever had a group of friends (or even if you’ve just wanted to) who you couldn’t live without, you are going to connect with these Moms.                                                                                                                                                                          Meet them here over the next several weeks, as we interview the awesome and inspiring women of the Moms Weekend Mystery Series. Last week we introduced a new interview series so you could get to know the characters in K.L. Barnes newest novel, The Dells. We had a good talk with Butch Cameron, small town detective extraordinaire (scroll down to see that interview) and now it’s time to meet the most outspoken member of the Moms Weekend Mystery Series, Lucille Welborn. Lucille, we’re so glad to have the chance to talk with you today. Since we just recently spoke with Butch Cameron, we’ve decided to start off with a question about him. So, what was your first impression of him when you met? Ha! Starsky and Hutch. Seriously. Maybe it was his car, but I thought, “He’s Starsky, only he doesn’t have blonde hair.” I’ve always gone for dark haired guys, but David Soul was definitely hotter in Starsky and Hutch. Honestly though, things were a little tense when I first met Butch. Even though we were all pretty upset, it would have been impossible to miss the fact that he’s good looking. I could tell he was extremely intelligent too. That’s one thing about all of us who are fortunate enough to be in this book. We’re all very intelligent. We may not be doctors or lawyers, but our individual intellects complement one another. We all have our own opinions, and we respect that about each other. What do you think is the common thread, or the one thing, that draws all of the moms together? There’s definitely more than one thing. But if I have to give you something, let’s see. There’s the kids, because that’s how we found each other, basically. So I’d say three things. Kids, wine, and a zest for life. Every one of us brings something different to the table. How so, Lucille? I think you can specifically define each one of us. I mean, Cyn? She’s so stable, yet she has this quirky sense of humor. And Crystal, she’s such a prima Dona but she’s so much fun at the same time. CC, she’s just the happiest person I know. She’s very calm and not, um, I guess, erratic? Ginger just likes to show her boobs and dance. She loves to dance. She loves good wine and she’s a really good person. She and Anca are thick as thieves, and Anca’s a gas! Almost a little naïve, but sarcastic and funny about it. And Tara is just a devoted friend. She has a loyal heart. And what is it, do you think, that you bring personally? How do you fit into this group exactly? I’ve known most of the moms for about nineteen years now, I guess. I’ve known most of them a lot longer than Camille. But when she and I met about twelve years ago, we both just knew we would always be best friends. And they all still put up with me even though I usually tell it like it is. I’m not much of a fighter, and I don’t think I’m particularly confrontational, but I’m not afraid to speak my mind. And what about that? Do you think Barnes did a good job with your character? In The Dells, you’re a little outspoken. A little brash even. I think she mellowed my character quite a bit actually. Frankly? I’m a lot more brash in real life! I tell you what, I was so friggin’ excited to be chosen as a character for this book! It’s really an honor, and I love that the author can write about us the way she does. Which brings me to my last question Lucille. Have you ever really played yoga hopscotch? Absolutely! A lot of what’s in the book is ‘based on actual events’, as they say in the news. We’ve done a lot crazier sh-stuff than that.

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