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A Thankful Thanksgiving Calls for Free Books!

It’s a foggy fall morning, the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees, and I’m sitting here thinking, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

How cool is that?

I have family coming, so between getting ready to publish DECLAN, the next book in my Maeve Tidewell Pay Series, and writing the tail end of The Authors House, I’ve been planning a feast and making my shopping lists for a couple of weeks now (as if the Thanksgiving Day menu ever really changes)

Yesterday I even went through my ‘good’ dishes to make sure I have enough place settings for everyone.

You know I do.

But a new Dillard’s has just opened up in my little town, so I think I’ll go shopping for fancy napkins.

I’m going to need them for Christmas anyway, right?

Speaking of which, I put up all my garland and assembled the tree the other day just to make sure all the lights were working, but my daughter reigned me in and told me I was absolutely not allowed to decorate. “It’s too early,” she said. “Thanksgiving! You can put up the lights and the tree on the day after Thanksgiving.”

And then you know what I saw? Joanna Gaines’ social media pic of her decorating a Christmas tree with her kids. Well, if Jo can do it, then so can I!

I ultimately decided to wait another week, but I’m so filled with holiday spirit I lit a cinnamon candle and wrapped some gifts just to tide me over. Which brings me back to Thanksgiving.

I know it’s stating the obvious, but Thanksgiving is about being thankful. And when I’m feeling thankful, I give gifts! I love buying presents for people and wrapping them up in the most beautiful way. I really do.

One of the things I am most grateful for this year is you. That’s right, I am so thankful for all of you; the millions and millions of people out there who love to read, who can’t wait to finish one book and pick up the next, and especially those of you who read my books and visit my website to see what’s on my brain every now and then.

And what’s the best kind of gift to give, I ask myself, to these people I’m so thankful for?

Free Books Of Course!

So here they are.

Like, more than 100 of them!


is a group of 58 (so far) books by 58 different authors. There may be more jumping on board as the days go by, but I can tell you that going through them, they all look really, really good.

I encourage you to take advantage of this giveaway. It’s a huge opportunity to connect with so many authors.

This next list is for those of you who like to borrow your books from the Kindle Library. Between a Rock and a a Scary Place offers up reading exciting opportunities from nearly fifty more authors!

Did you know that when you take advantage of all those free books in the library, you give back to authors too? It really is the gift of giving! Be sure to hop on the link and check them out asap.

Personally, I intend to read my fair share of them.

I’ll probably do another collaboration before Christmas, so keep watch for a link to your gift from Santa

You’ll probably see some pre-release stuff coming out too for Declan and The Authors House, but I will keep you posted on their actual release dates and when you will be able to pre order.

It’s been a really fun year for me, and I can’t believe it’s almost over. But I intend to make the most of what we have left and go in to next year being on top of the world!

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