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Moms weekend gone wrong. Find the mysteries of The Dells and The Row from KL Barnes. Get y

Moms Weekend Mysteries

The Most Entertaining of Thrillers

What happens when a group of fun loving moms get together for a long weekend? This year it's a kidnapping, hunt for a serial killer and a budding romance or two.

What could be more fun?

The Dells - K.L. Barnes' Moms Mystery. Get a copy from
The Dells - a moms weekend mystery. Available on tablets. Get a copy at
The Row - a suspense thriller by KL Barnes. Get your copy now at
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What happens when up and coming mystery writer C.C. Wainwright and her group of good time party moms get together for a long weekend?

This year it’s a kidnapping, a hunt for a serial killer, and maybe even a shot at romance.

the dells - a moms weekend mystery from KL Barnes. Get a copy now at

C.C. Wainwright always looks forward to the annual Moms weekend, but this years’ trip takes a terrifying – and decidedly madcap – turn when a practical joke becomes deadly.

When her friend Tara, newly single and out to bag a husband, disappears after a romantic lakeside picnic, C.C. and the others team up with local detective Butch Cameron.

Their antics pose a real challenge for the sweet-hot detective as he tries to keep them out of harm’s way while he mounts a statewide manhunt for a suspected serial killer.

C.C. tries to deny the attraction she feels for Butch, but his affection for her soon becomes obvious.

For Butch, loving one of the moms means loving them all, but C.C. wonders just how far he will go to keep them all safe at The Dells.

The ROW from The Moms Weekend Mysteries Collection by K. L. Barnes. Get a copy now at book


Seven Moms, one detective, two bodies and a town full of suspects. Book two in the Moms Weekend Mysteries now available!

The Moms are back for a party filled weekend in Prescott Arizona. They hope. But within hours of their arrival it seems their laughter filled weekend will be turned into another comically amateur investigation. Have you ever been walking down a flooded street and just… tripped over a dead body?



Well it just happened to Monique. Not to mention the fact that her brand new, very expensive wedges were ruined. And now she feels it is up to her to find out who killed the poor woman and why.Hot and hunky detective Butch Cameron is on the case, but Monique senses that Butch may be letting is personal involvement with her friend Camille, interfere with his judgment.


With one likely suspect in mind, and not much support from the moms for the idea, Monique forms an alliance with a friendly stranger. But as Monique gets closer to discovering the truth, she finds she has put herself right in the killer’s path. She can only hope that Butch and her friends will find her, before it’s too late.

The Row - a suspense thriller by KL Barnes. Get your copy now at

Coming Soon!

The Maeve Tidewell Suspense from


"Not a Nail Biter but Rather a Fun, Fun Mystery."


"I totally enjoyed this book. As I read I felt like the author truly enjoyed writing it too. It was just a comfortable fit for me. I found myself wishing I was vacationing with these laddies, at least in the beginning.


It was not a nail biter in suspense but still a great read with a touch of suspense. With some of the suspenseful situations I was reminded it was truly fictional. I found myself drawn to seeing how this whole thing would play out. A couple of times I had to really think of which character was speaking in the chapter but it didn't happen often and that just might be me. It also might be a few too many female characters for me to keep straight so maybe a glossary of who's who might help but, you can still follow along with the ladies on their adventure even if you get one mixed up with the other. I only found one typo and it didn't bother me in the least. I was glad the book was not over done with curse words and the ones that were there fit the contest of the story.


A touch of romance that wasn't overdone either added to the fun light side of this tale. I just found this book an enjoyable read all the way around. A book I wanted to pick back up. Would I recommend it? Yes. Would I read it again? Indeed. Since this was my first book by this author I will be looking into other books by her as well and watching or a possible sequel in the Mom's Weekend Mysteries."

"Good Suspense Read"

~M Brown

"I was not sure how much I was going to like this book while reading the first couple of chapters. This was a group of women that I felt like I could not relate to. They seemed to only care about drinking and having a good time and seemed very shallow to me. But I kept reading, and I am sure glad I did. Everything changed for me after their friend went missing. They changed from shallow women to women who had a deep love for their friend and who would do anything to bring her home safely. They all had their own personalities and used their individual abilities to help in the search. They were all strong women in their own ways and I enjoyed getting to know them better. If I ever found myself in big trouble, I would want these women on my side, watching my back. Their love for each other and commitment to each other seemed honest and true.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. The author has an ability to build suspense while interspersing humor to lighten the mood. There are many twists and turns and a gradual build-up of tension that kept me swiping pages to see what would happen next.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys women’s fiction or those who enjoy suspense. I have not read any other books from this author but I plan to read more of her books. And I look forward to reading the next book in the series."


"Talented new author for me with a surprising fresh voice"

~ VW

When I started the The Dells by K.L. Barnes I thought , " Oh no what have I gotten myself into promising to do an honest review in exchange for a copy of this book? I hate flashbacks!" and that was about the last thought I had of my own.


I was up all night on a roller coaster ride of emotions manipulated by this authors words. Do I need to tell you that the one small flashback that started the book did not interfere with me being able to stay absorbed in the story?


The large bank of characters worked the story like a con man works his mark and I was mesmerized. I had no problems remembering one from another after the short time it took to get to know them. They were well written, likable and distinct from one another and I can't wait to meet them again!


I would have liked the reveal of the practical joke portion to have been delayed just a tiny bit longer to add to the overall suspense but that did not interfere with my enjoyment of the story.


All in all the cast of characters was well written and likable; the plot was believable, interesting and stimulating; and the ending pulled everything together with a satisfying sigh of relief but left you knowing these women are not going to stay out of trouble in the future.


Will I buy more books from this author? A resounding ,YES!

The Moms are on their way back to Prescott, where Camille is up to her knees remodeling the old Victorian house she just had to have.  The plan is to have fun and relax, just as it always is. 

Unfortunately for them, murder comes knocking - right up to the solid mahogany front door.


“‘I’ll run it as a writer’s retreat’ she said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ she said,”

Crystal grumbled under her breath.

And, really, except for finding a dead guy, being held hostage by a dangerous gun runner, and an irreparable tear in her favorite jeans, this mom’s weekend was turning out to be a real blast.


C.C. Wainwright may have lost her mind when she bought the old house in Prescott, but when her friends arrive, they all agree it is the perfect venue for their annual mom’s weekend. Until, that is, Crystal stumbles upon a dark secret, and disappears into thin air.


Now C.C. and the rest of the moms, along with hunky law enforcement officers Butch Cameron and Hank Dunn, must find her before a group of small-time criminals runs out of reasons to keep her alive.

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