Gripping suspense with intense and thrilling endings that will keep you wanting to read more - Pay Attention, Pay the Piper, and Pay Penance Available Exclusively From Amazon

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Pay Attention brings psychological thriller and paranormal mystery together in an emotionally intelligent, suspenseful fight for survival. Lose track of time as you plunge into the minds of a sadistic kidnapper, an amateur sleuth, and a mother who is willing to do anything it takes to survive… even if means embracing her supernatural powers.

Maeve had always been the woman to come through in a crisis. She’s pragmatic yet compassionate, unassuming yet resilient, and – most importantly – blessed with a secret gift. When she and her children are in danger at the hands of a merciless criminal, Maeve will use every tool at her disposal to get them home safely. Because at the end of the day, Maeve will come through. She always does… Right?

            Ben Drake is traveling with his son through the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado when an intuition like nothing he’s ever experienced before hits him like a train wreck. But can he really put his own life in danger for a hunch? And even if he’s right, what would he sacrifice for a woman he’s never even met?

            Pay Attention is the story of a disturbed and dangerous man who throws into motion a disturbed and dangerous plan; forcing Maeve, her children, and Ben Drake to act quickly and carefully or die trying. 

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Once again, Barnes brings paranormal suspense, mystery thriller, and psychological drama together in an emotionally intelligent and terrifying novel with tenacious and determined characters you won't soon forget.

When a friend is in trouble, Maeve Tidewell reaches out to help. But her involvement might just bring greater danger to the community and people she loves.

Still recovering from the traumatic experience of being kidnapped and nearly killed for her so-called psychic gift, Maeve is at loose ends. She is only trying to help her best friend when she walks blindly into the world of teenage drug use, and soon learns that there is more than one kind of evil in the world.

As she gets closer to finding out who is really behind the teen drug trade in her hometown, she realizes that one dealer will go to any lengths to protect his interests.

Now Maeve must decide if it is worth her life, and the life of the man who is willing to put his own on the line for her, to go after what threatens to destroy everything she holds dear.


Ben Drake returns to Colorado under the guise of writing a story on teen drug use. But is that why he’s really come back? While he tries to convince himself that he is not there for Maeve, the threat to her life becomes apparent. There has already been one murder, and Ben puts his life on the line once again to insure Maeve isn’t next.

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Pay Penance is a twisting and surprising adventure while providing a hauntingly deep exploration into the mind of a killer criminal. Book Three in the Maeve Tidewell Pay Series offers the perfect blend of paranormal suspense, mystery thriller and psychological drama!

He has waited long enough to take his revenge

Maeve Tidewell faces the most terrifying days of her life. And she’s already been through more than her share.

She has finally started feeling secure in her life and relationship when the threatening text messages begin. Ignoring the possibility that she might be in danger, Maeve leaves herself open to a deadly predator.

Alone, injured and confined in the dark, Maeve gambles on intuition and the strong bond she has with the man she loves. Maeve must reach out with her mind to connect with the only person who can save her before time runs out.


Ben Drake returns from an undercover assignment to find Maeve gone, and there is not a single clue to lead him to her. Gambling on intuition and his strong connection to the woman he loves, Ben infiltrates the world of the homeless and forgotten. There is a reason he’s been drawn to the outskirts of town, he just has to figure it out before Maeve’s time runs out.



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