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The Maeve Tidewell Suspense from

Maeve Tidewell - Pay Series

How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love?

If you love finding a new thriller series with characters you can believe in and plots that keep the pages turning, then the Pay Series is for you.

Because Maeve Tidewell knows the answer.

She’ll do whatever it takes.

The Maeve Tidewell -Pay Series books from Get a copy now!
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Find out why this reader says:


"The author has a great writing style and the plot flows flawlessly. I would honestly put this book in the same category as James Patterson and Michael Connelly. It is just that good!"


Revealed: Fiction's bold new psychic heroine

Meet Maeve Tidewell!!

The Maeve Tidewell Suspense from

When a killer comes calling, will she really be able to end a man’s life to keep them safe?

As a single mother, she would literally do anything for her two young daughters, even if it meant standing in front of a train to protect them.

Maeve has always been the woman to come through in a crisis. She’s pragmatic yet compassionate, unassuming yet resilient, and – most importantly – blessed with a secret gift. It never occurred to her that the so-called ‘Gift’ would be the thing to end her life.

When she and her children find themselves in danger at the hands of a merciless criminal, Maeve will use every tool at her disposal to get them home safely. Because at the end of the day, Maeve will come through. She always does… Right?

The Pay Series Book Collection by KL Barnes. Full of Suspense, Shrouded in Mystery. Get yo

Ben Drake is traveling with his son through the Rocky Mountains of Western Colorado when disturbing images begin to invade his dreams. He knows he will regret not acting on his intuition, but can he really put his own life in danger for a hunch? And even if he’s right, what would he sacrifice for a woman he’s never even met?

The Maeve Tidewell Suspense from


brings psychological thriller and paranormal mystery together in an emotionally intelligent, suspenseful fight for survival.

it never occurred to Maeve that her ‘gift’ might be the thing that would end her life. But that possibility becomes very real as her worst fears come to pass. Kidnapped and held captive by a disturbed man from her past, Maeve wonders just how far she is willing to go to protect everything she loves.


As she sleeps in her makeshift prison, she somehow forms a psychic connection with a man she has never seen. She knows he is searching for her in the Colorado mountains, and she wonders; if she is to survive, will a stranger be willing to risk everything?

"Entertaining ..."

~Irene Riot - Verified Purchase

"When I came across this book, I was looking for a light chick-lit read. What I got was a suspense thriller with a chick-lit feel. Instead of a 20 something heroine whose main dilemma is to decide which credit card to use to pay her Jimmy Choos with, I came across a book whose heroine is a kick butt cougar momma who will claw the life out of anyone who dares to mess with her cubs.

The story revolves around the heroine Maeve Tidewell and her attempt to save her children and other innocent lives from the deluded anti-hero Joseph Binyon. Maeve has a "gift" Binyon wants thinking that by "taking" her gift, great power would be bestowed upon him.

The author was able to present her characters in a credible way; the "good guys" had integrity, were endearing and did their best to help while ensuring the ones they loved were kept safe. The author was able to showcase the warped delusional thinking of her antagonists; Binyon and his son Carl are both evil with violent tendencies and total disregard for humanity. These two characters provided the shock appeal necessary for a suspense thriller however I didn't find the details overly gory or sickening.

The conflicts in the story felt like natural turns in the road as oppose to abrupt twists and distracting turns. One of the characters' "gift" was revealed in a way that caught me off guard. I have to say, I did not see that one coming but the scenario was presented in a way that flowed naturally with the story and created that "OMG! It can't be her!" thrill. The ending gave me that "Aw, why can't they be together" sense of longing as Ben, the "leading man", and Maeve do NOT end up together. Their parting did give me warm fuzzies.

This book is a light read; it is entertaining but won't dull your mind."

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Reviews - Maeve page

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the vicarious thrill of hunting down and thwarting a killer

Pay Attention - Maeve Tidewell Series. Get a copy of this great suspense thriller at books
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The Maeve Tidewell -Pay Series books from Get a copy now!


from the boredom and relieve

 a little stress with a great new thriller

Image by Zac Porter
pay attention e-reader. A mystery suspense thriller from KL Barnes! Get your copy at books
Pay Attention - a Mystery Book by KL Barnes will thrill you and keep you on edge. Get a co


your imagination

and join the adventure!

Stimulate your imagination and join the adventure! Get a copy of the Pay Series  Suspense
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pay attention e-reader. A mystery suspense thriller from KL Barnes! Get your copy at books


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then these books are for you!

If you love characters who, just like you, fall in love, fight with their children, lend a shoulder to their friends, and face their enemies with fearless conviction, and if you love characters you want to cheer on when they're about to give up and plots that will keep you guessing, the PAY SERIES is for you.

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Readers looking for a fresh new voice

Will love reading fast paced suspense with intricate plots that bring you close to honest, vulnerable characters and who find their values engaged in a way that tells you more about who YOU are

Perfect If You Can't Get Enough

And don't mind finding your self addicted to fictions next psychic heroine

If You're Looking For

High end suspense without breaking the bank...



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Receive this FREE BONUS when you buy today!

Direct Access to Insights Into My Writing Process

Get KL Barnes White Paper on how the Pay Series came to be and find out her writing proces

Have you ever seen those shows that delve into the origins of things like Where Our Favorite foods, or toys, or napkins come from? Or the latest making of the hottest new video game? And even the behind-the-scenes concepts of your favorite movies and TV series? There's a reason shows like these are so popular. It's because they have real value!

These productions help you to understand the minds of the creators of the literature we love to watch and read.

I mean, who doesn't want to master psychology once in a while? How often have you been asked, or asked of someone else; "What are you thinking about?"

Well that's what you will get as a free bonus when you purchase your copy of Pay Attention. It will come to you as an electronic white paper containing insights into my psyche, what motivates me to write, and my process for bringing you the most thoughtful, exciting suspense thrillers for you to enjoy.

and finally, YOUR


Up Roan Creek by K.L. Barnes, a suspense novella by K.L Barnes. Get a copy. Subscribe at b

Joel Markham never expected to encounter anyone in the remote mountains he has come to study. But the last person he could have imagined running into was Jayde Grace.


Beautiful, kind, and hiding a dark secret, Joel is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her grief.

Jayde Grace just wanted to visit the old family stomping grounds, possibly for the last time. The government had given the go ahead for drilling to start, and the land would never be the same. At least, not for her.

When strange, unfamiliar sounds wake her in the night, Jayde sets out to discover their ominous source. As she gets closer to uncovering the evil hidden in the oil rich mountains, Jayde finds she may very well have put both herself, and Joel, in terrible danger.

The game of hide and seek turns deadly as they are forced to fight for their lives against the unseen entity they call - Mr. Macabre.

Find out why readers love books by K.L. Barnes!

You won't find this special offer anywhere else.

For a limited time only you’ll receive both Pay Attention and Up Roan Creek ebooks along with exclusive insight into K.L. Barnes writing process for only $8.99! 

KL Barnes is a published suspense and thriller author of the Pay Series and the Moms Weeke

Everything included is backed by  a 100% Money Back Guarantee!


If you don’t absolutely love it, get your money back. All books purchased direct from the author are backed by a 100% lifetime Guarantee, and you keep the books!

If you are not satisfied, KL Barnes offer 100% money back guarantee on the suspense book y
Up Roan Creek by K.L. Barnes, a suspense novella by K.L Barnes. Get a copy. Subscribe at b
Get KL Barnes White Paper on how the Pay Series came to be and find out her writing proces
Pay Attention 3D PNG for Emi.png


All purchases made direct from the author are guaranteed to please or receive a full refund, Plus you keep everything you received today.


Still not sure you'll enjoy the PAY SERIES?

Readers had this to say about Maeve Tidewell...


5 out of 5 stars PAY ATTENTION

Verified Purchase

Extremely good mystery! The characters are very real with the added bonus of a slight amount of psychic ability. The edge-of-your-seat mystery and suspense made this a real page-turner with a bit of a cliffhanger to boot. Can't wait to read more by K.L. Barnes. Great job!!

roberta j peed

5 out of 5 starts PAY ATTENTION

Verified Purchase

This is a really great book and I'm hoping she writes a sequel. The characters are very believable and likeable.


The first book in this trilogy will keep you on...

Verified Purchase

The first book in this trilogy will keep you on the edge of your seat and itching to read the next one! The characters come alive in this well-crafted suspense. I can't wait for more from K.L. Barnes!


Lost In A Good Book

Enjoyable suspense with a touch of the unexpected

Blog Reviewed

With her suspense novel Barnes brings together the thriller and the mystery with a touch of the unknown. The story is intriguing and enjoyable and works as a good introduction to the series by sparking your interest with suspense and good characters.

Barnes uses her characters well and through their actions and behaviour you are able to get a detailed sense of who they are and which side they are on. Maeve is strong willed and clever, and a fierce protector of her family. She learns to use Binyon's delusions to her advantage to keep herself and other safe, and bides time until help can arrive. When she sees the mysterious man in her dreams she reaches out to him for help, but she also does not rely on him to save her.

Ben on the other hand has integrity and strong sense of doing what is right, no matter what. These traits are also seen in his son, Jason. While starting off bored and uninterested, as their road trip continues Jason learns more about his dad, and grows a bit himself, and becomes stronger in the end. Ben's unexplained connection with Maeve confuses him but he does not let it stop him from trying to help, and what I liked was that he uses proper channels such as going to the police before jumping straight into danger and a rescue mission.

The "villains" of the story are shown to be harsh and cruel, giving a startling contrast to the good nature of the other characters. Binyon and his son Carl add an element of the unexpected and you're never sure of what they will do which brings a wonderful suspense to the story. With Carl you can see there are the makings of a psychopath and serial killer, but his father comes across more as a misguided and delusional person, but still showing signs of being a little psychotic.

There is a gripping, fast-paced conclusion where it seems anything can happen, and does. Barnes brings all the pieces of the puzzle together with a few unexpected surprises along the way but still leaves an air of mystery and the unresolved as well, which will no doubt be uncovered and developed as the series goes on.

The Maeve Tidewell Suspense from

An Inside Story:

There was a mostly unspoken belief in my family that my grandmother had the ‘Gift of Sight.’ Either that, or she was a witch. I began having precognitive dreams when I entered puberty but didn’t really believe it meant anything, mainly because I also have a very vivid and wicked imagination. Many years later, when my grandmother was nearing the end of her life and drifting further and further into Alzheimer’s, I took a sabbatical from work to care for her.


It was then that I started writing about my dream experiences, and the Maeve Tidewell series was born.After submitting my first novel to twenty or so agents and editors, only to be completely ignored by nearly all of them (I know, twenty might as well be zero in the traditional publishing world) I began looking into self-publishing.

pay attention e-reader. A mystery suspense thriller from KL Barnes! Get your copy at books

Amazon had been publishing and selling eBooks for five years or so, but indie publishing on that platform was just becoming a ‘thing.’ I decided rather than peddling my novels to an evil empire that would only devastate my self-esteem, I would try my hand at publishing and marketing my books myself.


Once I decided to take my gifts seriously, K.L. Barnes Publishing was born.

Pay Attention - the first of the Pay Series Book collection by suspense_mystery author K L
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