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Declan O’Donnell had done this a thousand times, but that never made it any easier on his heart. It was his fervent wish that, one day, the ugliness of the drug wars and the exploitation of victims of greed and corruption would be a thing of the past.

Until then, he would do what he did best.


When Ben Drake approached him about locating and rescuing a missing boy, he didn’t hesitate. If he had been able to foresee the result of that meeting, it might not have changed anything, but at least he would have been better prepared to meet his future – or his funeral – head on.


Ailene O’Mara, a woman born literally from his dreams, needs his help to recover her sister and four-year-old nephew from one of the most brutal cartels in Mexico.

And though infiltrating a cartel and starting a war wasn’t necessarily his team’s area of expertise, he just couldn’t see any way to avoid his destiny, even if he wanted to.

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The Moms are on their way back to Prescott, where Camille is up to her knees remodeling the old Victorian house she just had to have. The plan is to have fun and relax, just as it always is.

Unfortunately for them, murder comes knocking - right up to the solid mahogany front door.

C.C. Wainwright may have lost her mind when she bought the old house in Prescott, but when her friends arrive, they all agree it is the perfect venue for their annual mom’s weekend. Until, that is, Crystal stumbles upon a dark secret, and disappears into thin air.


Now C.C. and the rest of the moms, along with hunky law enforcement officers Butch Cameron and Hank Dunn, must find her before a group of small-time criminals runs out of reasons to keep her alive.

“‘I’ll run it as a writer’s retreat’ she said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ she said,” Crystal grumbled under her breath.

And, really, except for finding a dead guy, being held hostage by a dangerous gun runner, and an irreparable tear in her favorite jeans, this mom’s weekend was turning out to be a real blast.

70% of human trafficking victims come from Mexico, with 50% of those being minors: FACT

More than 138 journalists have been murdered in Mexico since 2010: FACT

In 2010, one former federal agent, with the help of an American photojournalist, made it his mission to rescue as many children as possible and bring them home. In the process, he nearly destroyed two of Mexico’s most brutal cartels: FICTION ~

Or is it?

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