KLBarnes - a suspense thriller author of several books - Pay Series, Moms Weekend Mysterie
KL Barnes is a published suspense and thriller author of the Pay Series and the Moms Weeke


K.L. Barnes is a lover of all things in life and happy endings, no matter how long they take!

Author of six suspenseful novels, she has often had delusions of someday becoming a real-life hero herself, believing there’s a little bit of champion in all of us.

She published her first novel while earning a Bachelor’s degree in communications, plotting her stories around an emotional tone that rings true to her readers.

She writes about relationships, love, and commitment. She writes about characters you will relate to who, just like you, fall in love, fight with their children, lend a shoulder to their friends, and face their enemies with fearless conviction.

If you enjoy uniquely suspenseful novels about people like you, people you can relate to who will risk everything - do anything - to keep their loved ones safe, then her novels are probably for you.

Her children having grown and left the nest, Barnes has gone back to her roots to live in beautiful western Colorado where she spends her days writing, volunteering, and exploring the community.

A Message to My Readers 

I am a lover of books. I also love putting my thoughts down on paper, and so it follows that I am a writer.

I can be a little slow on the uptake, but I have finally realized that what really makes me happy in life is writing - so that is what I am choosing to do.

If you enjoy suspense with a side of the metaphysical, I hope you might read Pay Attention, Pay the Piper and Pay Penance.

KLBarnes - a suspense thriller author of several books - Pay Series, Moms Weekend Mysterie
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If you like your murder a bit on the lighter side, the new Moms Weekend Mystery Series will make you chuckle and cheer for this group of brave, witty women.

Born and raised in beautiful western Colorado, and spending many years in the Arizona desert, I have continued to write and learn every day.

It is my fondest wish that you read and enjoy!

 - K.L. Barnes

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