K.L. Barnes, better known as Kris or Kristi to her friends and family, is a technology ignoramous who is still trying - after many, many moons - to keep up with this darn website and her Facebook Page so that it's at least slightly interesting!  "Never fear" she says, "I am still holding out hope of finding a photograph that fits the required dimensions, along with some witty repartee."

 She completed her first novel, Pay Attention, several years ago and since then has published two more novels in the Pay series, Pay the Piper and Pay Attention.

 After hiding the first in this suspense series for some years, during which time she worked in education while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in cultural and intercultural communications, she decided to share the story of Maeve Tidewell in the hopes that readers will enjoy her life and the people Maeve loves as much as she does.


I am a lover of books. I believe the obsession may have begun at birth, but I really can't remember that far back. 
 I also love putting my thoughts down on paper, and so it follows that I am a writer. 

 I can be a little slow on the uptake, but have finally realized that what really makes me happy in life is writing - so that is what I am choosing to do. If you enjoy suspense with a touch of the metaphysical, I hope you might read Pay Attention, Pay the Piper, and Pay Penance.

 If you like your suspense a bit on the lighter side, the new Moms Weekend Mystery Series will make you chuckle and cheer for this group of witty women.

 Born and raised in beautiful western Colorado, I now live in Phoenix Arizona, where I continue to write and learn every day.  Now that these series are finally out there, it is my fondest wish that you read and enjoy!