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How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love?

If you are anything like me, you have probably asked yourself, "How far would I go to protect the ones I love?"

And if you're anything at all like me, your mind conjures up some wild ass scenarios where you have to make a split second decision to jump in, sacrifice yourself, save your child, your friend, your mother or your lover (or maybe even your brother.)

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It all started for me with those fearless young sleuths, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and… does anyone but me remember Trixie Belden? I loved, loved Trixie Belden.  Boy, did those characters get themselves into some tense situations!

You probably spent a great deal of time in your youth, just as I did, dreaming up your own suspenseful plots and harrowing escape plans. Not to mention your future as a real life hero.

As I matured, my interests evolved into something far less innocent and I discovered - you guessed it - the dreaded romance. Authors such as Nora Roberts and Kathleen Woodiwiss soon kept me in thrall.

What kept me reading and dreaming wasn't the romance though. It was the Danger.

Those brave, gutsy female characters we love, and the solid, committed men who stood beside them, were willing to risk it all to overcome any threat that might destroy their happiness.

Now, I don't do romance (read, Sex). You would laugh me right off the page if I tried to write 'modern' romance.

I also don't do highly trained cops, special ops, private detectives or assassins (Though I'm a HUGE fan of the Jack Reacher series. HUGE!)

What I do write is fast paced suspense. I write about relationships, love, and commitment. I write about characters you will relate to who, just like you, fall in love, fight with their children, lend a shoulder to their friends, and face their enemies with fearless conviction.

No, my books may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for a new author and want to read uniquely suspenseful novels about people like you, people you can relate to who will risk everything - do anything - to keep their loved ones safe, then my novels are probably for you.

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