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The Pay Series book collection by K.L. Barnes. Learn more. Get your copy at booksbyklbarne

K. L .Barnes

Writing uniquely moving suspense about every day heroes with heart

KLBarnes - a suspense thriller author of several books - Pay Series, Moms Weekend Mysterie

is dreaming up suspense...

discover the suspense thrillers and mysteries by K.L. Barnes. Get your copies now at books

The PAY series book collection

The Pay Series book collection by K.L. Barnes. Learn more_edited.png

The Pay Series brings psychological thriller and paranormal mystery together in an emotionally intelligent, suspenseful fight for survival.

Find out why this reader says:


"The author has a great writing style and the plot flows flawlessly. I would honestly put this book in the same category as James Patterson and Michael Connelly. It is just that good!"


Featured Books

The Maeve Tidewell Suspense Series bg2.png

Maeve Tidewell - Pay Series

How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love?

Maeve Tidewell has a gift, of sorts. She sees glimpses of the future in her dreams. It never occurred to her that this ‘gift’ might be the thing that would end her life.

Pay Penance 3D Cover for Emi.png
Pay the Piper 3D Cover for Emi.png
Pay Attention 3D PNG for Emi.png
Concrete Wall

Moms Weekend Mysteries

What happens when a group of fun loving moms get together for a long weekend? This year it's a kidnapping, a hunt for a serial killer and a budding romance or two.

What could be more fun?

The Dells - K.L. Barnes' Moms Mystery. Get a copy from
The Dells - a moms weekend mystery. Available on tablets. Get a copy at
The Row - a suspense thriller by KL Barnes. Get your copy now at
White Room

New Releases

From K.L. Barnes!

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About K L Barnes

KL Barnes is dreaming up suspense! Get a copy of one of her books now at booksbyklbarnes.c

K. L .Barnes

writes about relationships, love and commitment. She writes about characters you will relate to  - who, just like you - fall in love, fight with their children, lend a shoulder to their friends and face their enemies with fearless conviction.

K L BARNES -  author of several mystery and suspense thriller books! get your copy now at

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